Analysing the brand – Kinder surprise!

Oh yes… Kinder Surprise – one of the main attributes of 90-s  generation, in my opinion. Actually recently I recalled my childhood and understood that a considerable part of my memory is occupied with my favourite sweets and related nice stuff I enjoyed. The impact of brands we were exposed in our childhood is huge and continues influencing our decisions ever when we are adults…

This product for introduced in Germany in 1974 and then became very popular not only in Germany, but all over the world. According to, ‘Since its launch, nearly 30 billion eggs have been sold all over the world with more than 8,000 different surprises!’.

The idea of a chocolate egg with a capsule and a toy inside it is so genius and simple at the same time. From my point of view, it’s not very obvious, but the main reason of Kinder Surprise’s success consists in the shape of this product. Of course, the first assumption: this particular form tells us that the item is not empty, there is something inside it, because it is associated with a real bird egg (or other types of eggs). The next idea is at the more philosophical level: in most cultures an egg is considered to be the symbol of life cycle, fertility, rebirth, nature and our planet.

But let’s turn back to our down-to-earth  issues. I’m going to discuss Kinder Surprise using the tool which is broadly-know within marketers –  Customer-Based Brand Equity Pyramid (Keller, 1993).

The first step is identification who you are as a brand. The salience for Kinder is a combination of fun & real jam. The next step performed in blocks ‘performance’ and ‘imagery’ is describing what you are, what are your meanings.  For Kinder performance consists in several characteristics:  high quality milk chocolate (black on the surface & white inside), small toys that ‘are designed and developed with safety in mind, rigorously observing international regulations as well as extra safety criteria voluntarily adopted by the Ferrero Group’, suitable as a present both on a special occasions or without any occasion. Imagery for Kinder may be the following: friendly, funny, ‘mini Christmas’ on an ordinary day, may be perceived as a reward. The third step is answering a question ‘what are you?’. This question is covered by blocks ‘judgements” and ‘feelings’. With regard to Kidder Surprise judgements might be hight quality and credibility. In terms of feelings, we may say that Kinder is all about joy, warmth and…surprise. The final stage is to identify ‘resonance’ block – specific relationships being built between consumers and the brand. Concerning Kinder Surprise, these relationships are very firm and may be specified with such characteristics as loyalty, attachment, community and engagement. This is a top of the pyramid so every aspect of a particular brand finally must work on this top, because establishing strong relations with a brand in the most important aim of all marketing activities around a brand!

What about you? Are you still attached to Kinder eggs?

Keller, K.L. (1993). Conceptualising, measuring and managing customer-based brand equity. Journal of Marketing. 57(1), 1-22 p.


5 responses

  1. I love Kinder chocolate. I believe a lot of there success nowadays is down to nostalgia, parents these days are buying Kinder surprise eggs for their children because they have such fond memories of having them as children. The egg builds excitement and anticipation with children, when they purchase it they are excited about what toy they get. Interestingly Kinder surprise eggs are illegal in the U.S. and people that are found to be in the possession of a Kinder Surprise can be fined up to $2,500, thank god its not over here. A woman was reportedly stopped while entering the U.S.A. from Canada as it was thought that she had a Kinder Surprise with her. It was found that she did and she was fined. Crazy

  2. Kinder i think is trying to incorporate Nostalgia with marketing and in my opinion they are doing it well. I know plenty of people in their 20’s who still buy Kinder Eggs, just for the novelty factor. How Nostalgia and marketing mix is an interesting topic though, is there an age where we are no longer nostalgic?

  3. It is really illegal in USA, wow. I from middle east and I know of this chocolate for a long-time and still if I see in shop i remember this as something exciting, and yes same as the blog says excite the consumer. Further more it was value for money as you get chocolate and a surprise and a toy to keep, so i think alot for your money from good perspective. I still thik i would buy one.

  4. Omg Kinder eggs i haven’t had them in years! I remember buying them as a kid and being so excited to see whats inside. In the advert you posted Kinder egg seem just as exciting now as they did back in the 90’s, i think i might go buy one! Since 1974, Kinder Surprise has delighted millions of children with a revolutionary idea. By combining a chocolate egg, a surprise, and a toy. What more can a kid ask for. One huge factor to the success of the Kinder egg surprise is that there is still nothing on the market like it today and i think that’s what makes the product so special in my eyes. Kinder have also branched out to make ‘maxi eggs’ and limited edition Christmas eggs, which might appeal to adults more. The Maxi eggs contain much bigger treats inside than the normal sized eggs. As a lot of people have mentioned, another reason as to why so many adults still love kinder is due to the nostalgia effect. All the happy memories we remember from revealing one of these little eggs full of lots of surprises, comes flooding back when we come across them in the supermarket, and this nostalgia can trigger consumers to buy the product.

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