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When I started thinking about plus-size culture, I realised that there is another niche that is actually important too. As long as I belong to this category of consumers, I understand all their problems and the market situation around this specific niche.

The Built-in Bra Issue

Here is a film about physical & psychological troubles women with big breasts face. It’s long, but you can watch it, if you are particularly in this problem fro psychological point of view. It is based on the stories of tree girls, comments of psychologiest are being provided throughout this documentary film.

Yes, big bust is really an obstacle to look nice, because it is not easy to find right clothes that fit you well. Sometimes a shirt is okay on your breast, but loose on your waist. The other problem is choosing bras. Nowadays things have been changing and it is easier to find nice bras for big boobs. Anyway, the wide choice is not available everywhere.

Interestingly, most of those retailers who sell clothes for big busted women operate on-line. Unfortunately, not all of them have a wide range of clothes. Usually they are pretty very boring. Sometimes busty consumers have nothing to do, but just to buy something that more or less fits. My message is that the fashion industry has to put more attention to it and develop ‘big bust friendly’ field.

Let’s have a look at what have been already done to satisfy needs of women with big breasts. I am going to discuss two companies as examples of making business based on the need of millions consumers to dress big breasts nicely.

The first company that grabbed my attention was Pepperberry.


The firm was launched in 2011. Their philosophy consists in a simple phrase: ‘Clothes designed for your boobs in mind’. Pepperberry emphasises that it is very important for women to feel good-looking and confident in their shape. It is said they provide clothes that perfectly accommodate big boobs. It is highlighted  that with Pepperberry you don’t need to bother about the style and compromise while choosing between style and fitting well. They have a simple guide for shopping at their website. The sizes available are 8-18, so it’s not about plus-size, but about big bust. While ordering a dress you select options: curvy, really curvy, super curvy.

Peperberry also has a style service in order to help girls to find the right clothes that make them feel good. I find their dresses nice, but there is lack of variety so far.

Another company that seems to be interesting to me in terms of offering ‘special’ products is Miss Fit.

It was created in 2008 by Nikki Hesford. She asserts that her the success is in finding a niche within the niche  That means that she decided to concentrate on selling underwear for busted women, even though some other types of clothes are also presented on the website. The Big Bra Bar. com quickly became popular. Nikki is convinced that selling on-line is the best way for a niche product to gain popularity. The mechanism is the following: when you don’t know where to find something, you turn to the internet. That is why it is important for niche retailers to place their products in a space where people are searching for them!

To end… here is the person who inspired me to write up this post:








2 responses

  1. Really interesting blog.
    Its this whole notion where men believe ‘the bigger the boobs the better’, but i don’t think anyone really considers the psychological and physical impact having big boobs can have on a woman’s self esteems and confidence. Bigger boobs aren’t everything, yes you may be seen as slightly more attractive to the male population, and probably draw more attention to yourself (if you want it). However big boobs can pose huge physical problems, such as poor posture and back problems, due to the extra weight. Plus (as you mentioned) extreme difficult in finding comfortable well fitting clothes, that compliment a woman’s body shape. I find when browsing the underwear section for woman, there is very little variety for plus size/ busty women. In my opinion double E sized bras tend to look much less attractive than A/B size bras. The unattractiveness of these bigger bras may lead women to purchase the smaller more attractive bras, that are the wrong size for them. Stats show 85% of women wear the wrong bra size. I understand the main reason for this is the embarrassment of going to get properly measured, but i also feel the embarrassment of purchasing a huge unattractive bra also has a part to play.

    However, it is now nice to see that online companies/ retailers are starting to consider bigger busted women more, by creating clothing and underwear that is specifically tailored to bigger women. Hopefully these online retailers will enable big busted women to feel more confident, proud and comfortable in whatever they wear. And in the end, what it all comes down to is making the consumer happy!

  2. Interesting and innovative blog. As a male i have never had the problem with boob sizes or anything like that which from reading this blog i am happy about. But none the less people should feel comfortable and happy with what they wear and there obviously seems to be a gap in the market in this area. The thing that might be making companies not get involved in this area is that this is as you stated a niche market, and companies primarily want to attract the majority of consumers. A lot go todays emphasis is on the smaller sizes and there is a pressure on exercising to look as good as you can. The thing is those who are born (some may say blessed) with larger breasts cannot just have a boob reduction, i mean it is out of their control and cannot do anything to try and fit into these smaller types of clothing. So there is a large gap in the market and if one of these large retailers think about trying to fill this gap then they are eligible to gain potential profits. However societies pressure to be smaller may inhibit this.

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