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Today I would like to talk about plus-size culture.  It may be noticed that curvy shapes are still not perceived enough beautiful by everyone. The discussion around non-standard (or maybe just not thin) bodies is going on in some media.

Let’s watch this video about an article in Plus-size Model magazine:

For many years since fashion was created plus-size consumers had been ignored. The situating has been changing as companies finally understood that this is a huge market and selling things to curvy women is a really profitable business!

This is my favourite commercial advertising plus-size clothes, which, by the way, was banned for ‘being too sexy’ to show it at TV peak hours:

As a matter of fact, the number of Plus-size stores is growing. The top UK on-line stores are ASOS curve, Dorothy Perkins,  Evans, Simply Be, New Look Inspire ect.

Recently I wrote an article asserting that nowadays we have a boom of plus-size business. In this article plus-size business in discussed on the example of a new chain of stores called ‘Fashion to figure’ opened in USA. It provides clothes for women with 12-26 size. The fist thing that grabs my attention – from 12! I am 14-16 and it is yet considered to be non-standard, while it’s the average size among women… That shows that a current ‘standard’ store does not satisfy needs of the majority of women! Anyway, the idea is really simple, but at the same time great. The main message of  ‘Fashion to figure’ CEO is that they make women feel pretty and confident about their appearance regardless of their size. Source:  http://abcnews.go.com/Business/overweight-chic-size-business-booming/story?id=16057715#.UKD8geSXXh5

However, there is still lack of options for plus-size women, especially outside USA and Western Europe. As I am from Russia, I decided to conduct a small survey in the most popular Russian network vk.com. I placed two questions in a group ‘Full happiness’ where all the issues regarding life of a curvy woman are discussed. Finally, I got 78 responses for the first question and 49 for the second one. Both questions were closed, several options were given. The first question was the following: In your opinion, where are most of all adverts about plus size products placed? Have a look at the results.

According to the diagram, participants believe that plus-size commercials are concentrated in the internet. On the other hand, many people think that these adverts are primarily showed in special plus-size media. It can be said that there is only one plus-size media in Russia and it is not well-known due to the lack of advertising. Other three options got very low responses.

The next question was the following: In your opinion, how widespread is plus-size advertising? The results on this question are shown below.

The majority of participants are convinced that plus-size advertising is rare. Interestingly,  some of participants, although being members of plus-size community, have never faced with such adverts. Only 1 of 49 people, who answered this question, feels that there is enough advertisements on this topic.

Retailers of plus-size products make their way in the fashion industry, but it takes years to create plus-size culture in a country…

To be continued.






2 responses

  1. I definitely agree with you that there is a severe lack of plus size advertising around these days and the ones which do exist tend to include unflattering clothes and older models, particularly in mainstream media in the UK. The average size in the UK is 14 an so women of all ages should be portrayed in these ads rather than seemingly portraying older women who have ‘let themselves go’. There are many dangers in only using skinny younger women in ads as they become role models to young girls who think this is what they should look like and aim to imitate them (Bidwell & Brasler, 1989). Personally I think new role models of average size girls should be introduced more into the mainstream media so that all sizes are accounted for. New Look have a plus size section which you would think would be a step in the right direction yet they still appear to be modeled on the website by women under plus size. Also I believe it gives the wrong impression as it seems to say plus size women have to wear different clothes and all items will be labelled with a plus size tag inside which could potentially be damaging to self esteem.

  2. Wow, I completely agree that this culture needs to change further and not just in the UK but everywhere. The media has a lot to answer for especially in the magazines. Although televsion and internet I have known to feature adverts celebrating the variations in real women’s sizes, I have never seen one in a magazine. Instead many magazines that sell thousands of copies each week spend their time mocking celebrities for putting on a few pounds. Why should anyone feel like they have to buy ‘Plus size orientated media’ to feel normal and accepted? Personally I think there is a huge misconception from the magazine industry about what people want to see/read about. I would like to see all types and shapes celebrated within the media, and Im sure many others agree…. Why not have a magazine that covers more issues and shows a little more intellect than ‘wow that girl who noone cares about has a bit of a belly’.

    I’m definitely ranting but the point is, this is worth ranting about. Everyone is equal and should feel that way. Things need to change.

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